So, I'm the engineering leader of a startup. This year, the company hired new directors and with that a new CPO. We've been using Google Workspace and have all our infrastructure on GCP. We never had any trouble with Google products. We also have Google SSO configured in almost every tool out there.

Yesterday, the new CPO, sent me a request to change "just some dns" on the domain. Those "just some dns" were Microsoft 365 mx, cname and text records.

I asked him if he was planning to switch to MS.

He answered: "yes! The team (a new team of marketing) wants to use PowerPoint and Teams".

I don't know you guys, but I hate MS products. They're just bad.

So, yes, it seems that now I'm gonna waste my time switching and configuring everything with MS just because they don't know other tools that are way better than any MS product!

I tried to convince him, this wasn't a good move, but it seems my opinion equals zero at this company.

I just hate this type of product managers that always wants to reinvent the wheel to let others see that they are doing something important when they're not.

Also hate when managers make decisions without ever consulting the people that will be affected by those decisions... But I guess that's how it works in this world...

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    I hate how technical profiles always seeking better tools need to level down to non-technical profiles always going back to their comfort zone.

    Fuck Windows, Teams (ESPECIALLY Teams), Skype, Office 365, Sharepoint and Outlook.
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    @fruitfcker hahaha yeah. Absolutely!
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    @fruitfcker don't give me ideas 👹
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    give him access to dns so he can change himself and fuck up all work for a week, send this by email so you have proof that he did it

    he wants to show power, give him all the power you have so he can fuck up
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    dude, threaten to quit, that's fucked....

    Google Workspace or nada
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    @vane hahaha love the idea. And then I'll fix everything and I'll be the hero of the year!
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    TEAM DEV WINS! (for now). I attacked with a list of tasks of things we'd have to do to switch to MS... I think they panicked.

    Just told me that they don't want to loose focus and productivity, so we're not switching... yet...
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    @wolfmaster8 then you say in front of everyone:
    - I suppose you wanted to make some technical decisions that don’t follow our long term exponential growth strategy motherfucker (mic drop)
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    @vane hahahahaha
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