2017. Where your coding exams are done handwritten on paper. Hell yeah future.

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    the bright side of this, on paper there is no place for creativity and going:
    1. hey what if I did it like this?
    2. I need to optimize that code cuz I have time left

    or at least that's what I'd do
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    Still. Students being tested like that is ridiculous. It's harder for people to grade. Also, I agree with written tests, but doing everything except writing down code! Mystery methods, diagrams, maybe even FCMs. Keep tests tests, and projects for the code and grade accordingly. Like you said... It's 2017... Future...
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    @Cyanide probably. I'm Indian too, and we have to write code on paper in the exams as well. Imagine developing an ASP.NET website (with all those huge method names and everything, no help given there) on paper in a three-hour exam (along with a lot of theory questions). Fun time.
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    @Cyanide maybe, but schools in the US still do it too.
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    France.. everything on paper..
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    A lot of times I see the argument for that being good is that you don't get the help of an IDE. Wouldn't using say Notepad be the same but not as annoying as written paper for both the students and the teacher?
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    I guess its everywhere like that.
    And I can see the point.. but I don't get why I have to implement some DoubleLinkedList graph bullshit in java on paper..😅
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    Honestly, I would fucking pay to have a, who knows how many billion-fucking-dollar, AI on our God damned site to post stuff.

    I, sincerely, hope that my swearing was appropriate in this case.

    Bleep blop. This action was performed by Watson. I will use your site in order to learn how to dominate this planet. Mwahaha!

    Remember kids, this is why you use strong passwords.
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    I have to do this on friday this week. I dont understand why they do tests like this...
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    @RealKC did you mix up rants?
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    To play the devil's advocate, how would you do tests on laptops/PCs? Our uni has done several trials with digital testing, and so far all of them failed miserably. The only way to do this securely is if the uni owns the devices, which can get pretty expensive if you have a class of 300 students.
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    @SZenC true, but it's still brain-dead if

    1. The uni already has labs full of enough computers to do the job
    2. There's a practical aspect to the test that can be checked easily (like, developing a website, simulating a scheduling algorithm, socket programming, etc.)
    3. They expect you to mug up APIs with gargantuan names or argument lists (we had to mug up a whole lot of OpenCL functions for parallel computing, not fun at all).

    (All of which are true for most of my subjects which have paper coding, hence the frustration)

    I do agree that it's not possible all the time though. Plus it may even be necessary in some situations, like theory of programming/languages or as examples to support an answer.
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    @hsbfsix auch, that sucks. My uni keeps in mind we need to work on paper (max. 2 sides of code) and the exams are a lot more theoretical. (And we are allowed to misspell names of functions and such.)
    Also, we don't have any rooms filled with computers. There are some available for staff and that's it.
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    I honestly don't know what can "fail" doing such tests digitally?
    How about 45 mins of handwritten, stupid, learned shit and 45 mins of actually coding on a fucking machine. I mean you want to be a software engineer at the end of all the work. Not some fucker knowing all the fancy function names you can look up, a true motherfucker being able to think and do something maybe unusual but still doing the job, for the sake of the actual art of coding.

    Holy shit this went different than i wanted. Well, my 2 cents.❤
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    @daintycode yup, realised just now
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    It used to be the same during my studies. Code written on paper, no thought wasted on actual code quality or even something as fundamental as writing tests...

    Than you get your first job and you find out, that most of the stuff you were thought is useless IRL
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    Welcome to indian education systems.
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    Same in Canada... Had to write my final on paper. Guys, the computers will suck shit before we wear the key caps on the keyboards anyways, at least give them some use...
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