I'm about to set up a new pc (not for me, in our bureau, it'll do nothing special at all) elementary os or Ubuntu 17.10?

I'd do an update to Ubuntu 18.04 when its published, but I don't wanna use the "old" version with unity as of now...
Or elementary is because it's easy to use?

I'm currently working in a theater, so it should be usable for "non-techies".

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    They will merge with Ubuntu 18.04 too, so no worries on the compatibility ;)
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    @runfrodorun but why? 🤔🤔
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    @Hammster ookay, so what's the difference then? Will it be pure gnome or more like they currently have it in 17.10?
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    @kolaente 1. Everything is better than Ubuntu. Everything. 2. If you’re debating which Linux distro to use you’re best served picking the easiest, most sanely configured, least broken packages, apt based distro with the most software selection. That’s Debian. Just for google-fu sanity if not anything else
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    @kolaente pure gnome, but on the current/past ubuntu versions. Nothing else is changed as far as dependencies allowed it.

    @runfrodorun debating Linux distros is as senseless as debating with an extremist. I personally prefer Arch and Slackware, but I use Ubuntu because it is simpler to maintain, while Debian runs on my Server. My testing machine runs Fedora to test bleeding edge software, and my old shuttle PC runs Puppy Linux. As you see there is no one golden distro to rule them all. And i hope you don't try to throw people into the volcano if they prefer another distro then you do ;)
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    @Hammster respect for Slackware. Definitely in my top 4. I won’t touch anything redhat ever.

    I don’t prefer one distro, but I have a blacklist that contains anything rpm or redhat based (I used redhat back in the day before they became awful) anything with systemd and anything Ubuntu based.
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