This Tesla mounted and powered Etherium mining rig

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    Well that's one way to go about it. But at the same time, if you can afford a Tesla, why not just build a normal mining machine? (I genuinely have 0 interest in Crypto currency, so if I just said some stupid feel free to enlighten me lol)
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    @jhh2450 because the cost of electricity to run a large rig is very expensive. This would save on energy costs
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    I still think that this Is an asshole move. Someone else might actually want to charge his electro car because he has to drive with it but no the spot is taken away by someone owning a tesla and mining fucking cryptocurrencies using the energy provided for FREE so people can charge their cars.
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    Seeing people write "etherium" and shit makes me cringe so hard
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    @endor it was a typo my bad its been a long day man lol
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    @virus200 hehe, it's ok :)
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    @endor my fucking phone also kept trying to auto correct it to endridge whatever the fuck that is
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    @404response not sure if it's been implemented yet but Tesla has talked before about implementing charges for leaving your Tesla on the super charger to long before. Also this is less of an issue if perhaps the city you live in has a lower population of electric vehicles. Perhaps the free chargers are just an incentive to try and push people towards EV's
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    @virus200 Well my initial thought was that the government paid for the energy of everyone. Woops had a brain fart.

    @404response is right. Bit of a dick move.
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    @jhh2450 while perhaps a dick move there's not particularly anything that says he can't do it
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    @virus200 There's not. But I look at it as an unspoken thing to show common decency.

    Kind of like holding the door open for people behind you, saying bless you when someone sneezes, thank you when someone tells you bless you, ect.

    But there's assholes everywhere and always will be some, I guess.
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    @jhh2450 fuck it he's making money. I'd do it to so I can't be mad
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    They really need to fix how power hungry mining is. It's such a waste.
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    @codePatrol mining is not power hungry per se, it's just a very profitable market, so a lot of people are able to join the race with a ton of resources and make a good profit
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    Saw this in tv
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