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    10/10 for using windows phone
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    The old good Nokia Lumia 720 😍
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    Always wanted to have a windows phone :( now that dream is dead :(
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    @JS96 That's not 520?
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    @athlon yeah, it could be. They are pretty similar.

    *were 😢
    RIP Windows Phone
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    The camera of the 950 was amazing.
    BTW you had the option to activate the hotspot from your laptop if the phone was in Bluetooth range. Quite liked it.
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    Had a windows phone for a while. I liked the design language and simplicity of the system, but it was just too buggy. Every day something new that anraged me. Couldn't stand it more than a couple months.
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    Thats Lumia 525
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    Until July 2017, I was using a Lumia 625. Then moved to Android. But I've to say, Lumia phones were really good apart form the app support.
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    I had a 930 until beginning of this year, then a rental Phone... Until I now have an OP5!
    And im loving to so this!
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    Win phone ewwwww 💩
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    I have a lumia 640 and it works great but when it'll die I'm getting an android because of the lack of apps and Microsoft not supporting it anymore.
    Imho win10 mobile is great but Microsoft left it unpolished
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    ++ for "Modern Symbiosis"
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