Pulled apart my laptop to pull out the keyboard because it wasn't working right.

Well fuck.

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    Did you tear one of those connectors?
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    I think what you're showing is that the keyboard is riveted in place? Sucks!
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    @ilikeglue @pacohojaverde

    Yeah, the keyboard is riveted in place despite the fact that there are screws that hold it in place too 😒

    Next thing to try before ordering a new panel is rubbing alcohol and a hair dryer

    e: wrong their
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    @squirvel I wonder how necessary those rivets are? If it has screws, they probably put them there to limit tampering. Don't quote me on that though.
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    @pacohojaverde you're probably on to something, though I'd be surprised if their only purpose was tamper proof as you need to basically disassemble the entire machine to get to it
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    @vexusia but it's my baby with the i3 and m2 ssd (;-;)
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    So update, the keyboard is most likely fubar'd.

    Protip: Don't clean your keyboard while in a rush in the morning
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