Choose your gender

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    double true
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    "sounds like something others care about and I don't"

    like even before this whole LGBTQ stuff... I acted male but I'm female. people were like, don't you wanna be a boy? I don't see why I would. I just like being me and I don't care what you think. everybody so obsessed with it

    and dating

    ITS NOT HARD. JUST GO GET LAID IDK. Don't be a terrible person. easy. hopefully you bothered not to be a terrible person already, surely?!
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    Bool for gender triggers me more than the plethora of variants.
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    Not even close to FPGA i/o states.
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    Fuzzy logic 🧐
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    @lorentz probably has DOUBLE FALSE in there too.
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    var state = default(megabool?);
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