After a week’s vacation, I felt the briefest feeling of being a person again. I was able to do something small and enjoy it, and even planned to do another small thing.

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    With your demons or solo?

    How old are they anyways?
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    I want 365 days of vacations until the rest of my life. Either I get this or die trying.
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    you are a PROPERTY OWNER in fucking AMERICA. You are already miles ahead in opportunity than the most people on this platform. Why don't you find a good job already?
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    @kiki suffering is still suffering. There are people who have a worse situation for sure, but everyone has the right to be unhappy with their existence and tell others about it when they need to.

    Telling people they can't feel something or should feel guilty for something not working helps no one - it ends discussion and stops people exploring how they truly feel. Is it @Root you're upset with or a larger group?

    Most people don't seek therapy for example because they haven't yet tried to kill themselves and think they're "wasting time" or just "complaining" because they're haven't gotten to that stage yet. But as a Dev you should know better than most that treating/resolving something early before it becomes a systematic problem is often less painful, cheaper, and just kinder. Why would you try to hinder that?

    TL;DR: I get you've had shit in your life, maybe more than most, but shit in your face is still shit in your face even if it's a speck or a full blown patty
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    @MammaNeedHummus you're preaching to the choir. I never told Root her problems didn't matter because of what she owns and where she lives. I told her about her workplace specifically, because me telling her that her workplace sucks is a tradition at this point. Root used to post a LOT about how HORRIBLE her work was, so I kept on trying to convince her it was time to jump ships.

    In this context Root and I know, the property ownership and America part is supposed to motivate, not cause guilt.

    See https://devrant.com/rants/5088150/... and https://devrant.com/rants/6310437/...
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