Goddammit ASUS..

My laptop was not able to boot unless plugged in because of malfunctionning built-in Intel Anti theft technology.

Turns out its deprecated and there is a software available to remove it

So I installed windows to be able to run it but it was not working no matter what.. Turns out it was also deprecated and not supported anymore, so there is no way to remove the faulty anti theft system..

I sent my laptop to ASUS so they could find a way to remove the software and I got the reply "we will have to change the motherboard, it will cost $600"

No way I am paying this much for something that was supposed to be a software problem so I asked them to cancel and send it back

Now I got it back and its not even booting anymore and theres a few screws missing

Goddammit ASUS...

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    Always take pictures and screenshots before sending for "repairs". Include printouts in the box, so they know if they f*** it up, you've got em by the short hairs.

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    I'm pretty sure you can take this up with them and question why this is. Not sure where you live but here in the UK there are bodies in place to protect consumers from scams like these.
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    Write to them for escalation to a senior person. Often engineers or PR savvy workers are more willing to help customers because engineers just don’t give a fuck about business and PR people see the bigger picture. I think...
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    "my" laptop...

    Intel done thought you done stole it from yourself. No wonder it's deprecated.

    Also what kind of software doesn't die with a full os reinstall?
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    @jamescodesthing Firmware, like BIOS and the like
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    That sucks man, tried the usual system clock battery trick? *Ignore me, just clocked you're not the same dude...

    I'm guessing they protected against it but damn.

    Otherwise post a pic of it on their social media channels with a phrase like "love my new $600 ASUS brick" and if all else fails their executives emails are likely [first name].[last name]@asus.com
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    Are u trying boot in Windows?? Do You get anything or its totally blank. Try using Linux Live Image to boot...
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    Thanks for the tip ! Theres really nothing I can do right now, its just shutting down 2sec after boot, i.e. before I can boot bios or anything. As for the problem I had before, it was also getting locked before BIOS, I wasnt able to boot on any OS either hard disk or USB
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    Thats the worst part. I had a huge email conversation with one of their customer service agent and he ended up saying "When you disputed the repair cost, we had it shipped to you in the state it was after the assessment from our engineer"...

    After I let him know how this does not make sense at all he ended up offering a 25% discount.. I decided to invest my money in an MSI laptop instead 🙂🙂
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    @jamescodesthing TrustZone / Intel Management Engine. 😧
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