Before I left for vacation two weeks ago, I busted my butt to build out another portion of my frontend testing framework and get it in place (and spec’d) to unblock a coworker on a semi-high-priority ticket. I sent him detailed notes on which areas of the product it covers, how to use it, and copied one of his (blocked) tests over and updated it to use the new methods, pattern, namespacing, etc.

I came back today and discovered … he hasn’t even touched it. Everything is exactly as I left it.


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    Sounds like they are not coworkers at all. More like peonworkers. Your might is just too great for them.
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    @Demolishun I don’t think he actually exists. I see him during standup, and hear his voice, but it could just be AI generated. He submits PR’s sometimes, but they look suspiciously like code generated by ChatGPT.
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    @Root when u ask him for help does he go “certainly! Here’s how to do it…*rapid fire code generation with tons of mistakes* If you request any more assistance, feel free to ask! Happy coding!”
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    That sounds frustrating, especially after putting in so much effort to ensure everything was set up for your coworker. It might be helpful to check in with him to understand if there were any obstacles or misunderstandings preventing him from using the new testing framework. Sometimes, direct communication can help clear up any issues and get things back on track!
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    I made this experience *several times* also with customers. They had such a pressure about a certain feature or similar. I ripped my ass off to make it work before my vacation and when returning, it was not touched or sometimes even not needed anymore. ^^
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    @TeachMeCode haha
    But no. He usually says “I have no idea 😅” or “I usually just ask ChatGPT and fuss with it for hours until it works”

    @EmbeddedHash Of course. But I’m still pretty frustrated about it, hence the rant. I did reach out on my first day back (yesterday) but didn’t get a response. I also noticed I didn’t even get a response to all the notes and such I sent him prior to leaving, either. Complete silence.

    @glowFX So many times, with clients and bosses both. I remember busting my butt on a feature at #hell because it was a “must-have, make-or-break, absolutely must have it done by Friday morning” feature — that iirc I learned about Wednesday night. I worked on it for 13 hours straight to finish it on time, only to come in early on Friday to show it off, and nobody even remembered making the fucking request. I was burning up I was so angry. Not the first nor last time that has happened, either. Ugh
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    @Root ChatGPT... oof...
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    @Root is he that much of a fucking dead piece of wood that always needs to be carried by someone else
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    @glowFX “ripped your ass off” lol
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    @bosslogic Sounds very German. Probably a direct translation ;)
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