The final verdict is out. After almost 3.5 years im getting fired. Im relieved because i’ve been expecting this already since december. No matter how hard i try my mistakes aren’t excepted anymore.
Good thing there are three other companies i have interviews with.
Let’s hope for a new offer and smooth transition soon!

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    Brace yourseIf my brother, better times are coming!
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    What did you do (or didn't do)?
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    Me, meanwhile, amazed I still haven't been fired...
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    @atheist I have heard the phrase "nasty people live forever". Not sure it works for jobs though. I don't know you, but it sounded remotely applicable.
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    I understand man! My last job fired me when I refused to update the codes I had been using, I just hate the newer evolved ones and I don't understand why we can't just reuse the old... Anyway it'll be hard for a little but just know it gets better!
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    *accepted. Sorry, I really tried hard to resist but I couldn’t continue with my day. Please forgive me.
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    @Demolishun I mean, I threatened to sue my employer for discrimination and don't take my job too seriously as a result, if that fits.
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    @helloworld haha honest mistake!
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    @Demolishun i run too quick and thus make mistakes because i don’t think and just build/deploy.
    Nobody has time to think nowadays right?
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    @bad-practice I asked my boss if I was too slow. He said something how my code works, but some of my coworkers jump off cliffs.
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