How are we doing today, my fellow degenerates

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    for some reason I'm trying to figure out how to write neural nets
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    @jestdotty take a brain and put holes in it
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    @TeachMeCode yoo what

    I just figured out how to make this thing learn x10 faster

    I gave it a confidence stat for my own inspection but then decided to link it with learning rate and gave it memory like humans have where if they're not confident they remember less... lolololol, now it has some slight bias where it thinks it behaves slightly better than it does and it's so cuuuute

    also interestingly if it's not learned the material yet and you ask it to ignore the times it doesn't make errors then it also learns way faster lol
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    I took the dog for a walk before tackling this years accounts. accidentally went to the pub on the way back. Life is Good. Why do shit today when it’ll still be shit tomorrow.
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    "Why do shit today when it’ll still be shit tomorrow" is my legal middle name.
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