Just downloaded a theme designed for WordPress... Holy. Fuck.
Is this normal? [pic related - style.css]

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    ▏don't think so.▐
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    @HAlex I mean the amount of lines in a single file XD
    the block character is there because i use a Vim plugin in VS Code
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    If got no other CSS file and if theme came with multipurpose templates, it is not very bad. If not 🀐

    And it seems all selectors and properties are in expanded style. If in compact, it might not be that bad πŸ€”
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    @CurseMeSlowly I think I'm happy I'm not a webdev then, hehe
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    @dontPanic nah there are definitely better way to handle stylesheet than this. It is not very strange only for a WordPress theme CSS 😁 I'm sure that theme was made by not very experienced one.
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    @CurseMeSlowly it looks pretty damn good on the demo though... Yeah. Well...
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    Fashion is Pain, for your site visitors. πŸ˜„
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    If you wanna fewer lines on css, gotta stop using pre-made themes. Thats how it goes :/
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    Yes this is normal. I have seen much worse style.css files in wordpress themes.
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    Yup there is nothing weird in it. Complete themes can have more no of lines
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    Yes this type of stuff is normal
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    WordPress? Terrible?
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