I got an idea for a fun api which can convert the style of input text, for example “hey I am a chatbot, please ask your query” if converted to the style of yoda from Star Wars will be “chatbot am I, queries you must ask”. There can be different styles like archaic English, sports commentary etc.
I’ve got the ai part ready, just need to write an api (I’m learning django for that). Has anyone got any experience with api marketplaces, I’m not sure what to use?

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    Gotta be a downer here but tons of these services have existed even before the AI boom - google ”yoda translator”

    But hey - just because something exists doesn’t mean you can’t be successful with the same concept in a different package.

    This would be one of the easiest things to build using any language based api - as you’d just have to enter a user prompt plus a set of instructions like ”say it like Yoda”
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