Soo highlight. I’m a Tech Lead dev, and I happened to have had a gunshot injury in 2021 Dec, and kinda suffered some hectic stuff but long story short, I went through a full year from recovery and blah blah, but anyways after that year when I went back to work my boss(former), asked I go for psychological tests etc, then after that I passed everything as normal but then soon as I went back to work my boss took me to HR for some special performance review process that could mean I get fired or put back in the team again. My question is it this a fair trial when I never got another chance to work again as I was hired??? I need help pls :(

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    I'm pretty sure you should see a lawyer just to be safe. If you can and choose to take some legal measure, know that it might poke holes on future job applications
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    Not sure how to play that. Either you've got a super good boss concerned about your well-being (and might be seeing something that some office suit isn't seeing) or a jerk that sees you as "broken goods" and looking for any excuse to get rid of you.

    The fact that there appears to be some kind of dance going on, you won't get an honest answer if you ask directly.

    Man...good luck and keep the devrant posted.
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    in my experience if someone is out to get you they'll eventually get it done, it's just a matter of time

    but that's just me and my hopeless experiences
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    @kobenz you did not just tell the gunshot victim to poke holes. Mans got enough problems with holes, he don’t need anymore.
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    @jeeper hey, you said it, man 🙌🏻
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