As its now customary for kids of her age my 9 years old cousin received her first phone. Said phone has just 32gb of internal storage and her continuously putting games on it doesn't help so it constantly gets full and since I'm family's tech guy I'm the one who get called for that... I'd really love to destroy that waste of silicon by throwing it under a bus and then give a Nintendo Switch to my cousin as a better replacement. I hate these Android devices that are obsolete even before they hit the market but most importantly I hate the fact that 9 years old get "smart" phones for no actual fucking reasons.

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    I wish phones were the same experience as windows XP and prior. that's literally how I learned computers. cuz you could mess with them.

    we're just creating generations of helpless people with this restrictive nonsense
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    @jestdotty Agree, I guess we have to "thank" Steve Jobs and his iPhone for that... with his iPhone he started the trend of creating general purpose computing devices in which the owner is not the admin and now that shit is spreading to PCs too
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    what? where? not on my family it's not! Neither my 10y sis, nor our 11y cousin or her 13y brother have phones...
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    @kobenz I'm from Italy and here phones or tablets are kinda a customary gift for 8/9 years old kids
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    Teach her. She will do it better than you in a week.
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    Old enough to have a phone, old enough to learn to manage the space on a phone. They will learn faster than the adults.
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    I remember getting an android phone and thinking let's write some silly program to test this thing.

    So I hit the docs, and realize that there is simply no officially supported way to do just that -- a test program -- without the fucking IDE.

    "Ah, so it's one of those", I said to myself. You want to make hello world for shits and the first requirement is downloading gigs worth of shit you don't need, splendid.

    So I throw the official docs in the trash and go rogue wizard. Turns out you can work entirely from the commandline and even build the mother fucking app without notorious son of a fucking bitch Gradle. Who would've thought?

    In conclusion, brutally sodomize every engineer involved in the development of this travesty: give their anus no quarter nor sanctuary. Let their cavities be rammed with untold savagery until their defecation permanently turns a painful crimson red, so that they may forever be reminded of their heinous and sinful transgressions.
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    It should simply be illegal to give a phone to a child this age. I don’t care about parenthood freedom, those future morons are supposed to pay my retirement.
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