Got job offer, nice pay, started reading - 10 steps of recriutment.
They literally wrote that if I will be lucky I will meat CEO during last phase.
I told myself I would probably puke if I manage to pass all steps and tell this CEO to fuck off if I meet him during interview.
I think I skip this one.

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    U need to be honored to meet ur Big Baby Daddy who gives u a small allowance each month to buy urself some candies so he can buy his 7th lambo thanks to you
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    I rejected an offer once after meeting the CEO (it was horrible) and since then I always feel like it’s a red flag if it’s part of the interview.

    Like, why anyone would think that having a CEO participating of the hiring process would be a good idea?
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    @idkhow CEOs can attend the interview process but hyping them up ??? ughh no thanks.
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    Chief technology officer = career technically over.

    Fuck all the scumbags in the c-suite.
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    Go w/your gut.
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