Of course.
Who wants the 24k$ job?

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    Hah lol, I've seen this one too ­čĄŚ­čĄŚ
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    @Alice Maybe it's you talking in third-person?
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    @Alice shit didn't get that one...
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    ????i dont get it
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    They want you to write javascript and css.
    They know.
    They know javascript.
    They know css.
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    They want a react angular vue bootstrap telerik bulma es10 xhtml sass scss capable dev
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    they want you to have invented the whole interwebs & make less than enough to pay your bills lol
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    $24k doesn't buy groceries, power, and internet.
    Are they trying to hire a hobo?
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    @andros705 Depends where you live.

    $24k in a rural town is fine.
    $24k in California isn't enough for like. anything. Insanely expensive there.

    Minimum wage here in Nevada is $8.25/hr -- $17k. You can live off that if you really have to, but certainly not comfortably.
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    Well, I'm paid 6.7K€, soooo...
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