At first, you're just a baby who cries and poops.
You outgrow the baby clothes, the crib and the stroller.
Then, you're just a child who plays, runs around and starts school.
You grow tired of your toys and are no longer allowed in the ballpit.
Then, you're just a teenager who curses, sulks and defies your parents.
You grow tired of teen music, stow your stuff away and move out.
Then, you're just a student who finally gets to drive a car and vote, but has no money.
You get a job, a place of your own, start dating and fall in love.
Then you're just a noob at everything you do; new at work, newly in love; feeling your way through life.
You have children and no longer have time to spare for anything else.
Then, you're just a parent taking parental leaves, attend parent-teacher meetings and neglect your friends.
You're no longer welcome in the children's games, or even to talk to them.
Then, you're just an "old fart" or "bitch" who's only good when you give them dough.
You help the children move out, you retire and have grandchildren.
Then, you're just a senior citizen who talks about nothing but your grandchildren and go window shopping outside the pharmacy.
You're hearing and vision get impaired, you get ailments and lose your memory as well as your intellect.
Then, you're just dead.

So, at what stage of life are you really somebody?

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    You can skip all the children part on my side. I am not a billionaire!
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    *lol* I hear you :)
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    I only found out about ballpits as a teenager

    I still listen to teen bands

    you could've been somebody the whole time you just made up arbitrary rules of who you should be, which was just like somebody else, so wiped away the "you" in the equation quite on purpose

    just don't do that part
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    Every man at his best is altogether vanity.
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    At which stage are you NOT somebody, ie nobody?
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    there are eight billion of us. Trying to be significant is only gonna make you unhappy. The most you should be doing about fame is preparing for it a little bit on the off chance it happens to you, the same way you prepare for a car crash by putting your seatbelt on.
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    Who said anything about fame? To me, being somebody is to have a value, to matter, to make a difference and to be loved by somebody. Being famous is not the same thing. In some cases it's even the exact opposite. Take influencers for example. Don't even get me started...Famous, yes. Still, useless, worthless, nobodies whose biggest achievements are to make young girls feel unhappy with themselves, and to make people shop unnecessary crap, thus accelerating the climate changes that will eventually lead to our doom.
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    If thinking it's unfair that some untalented bimbos become filthy rich from yapping nonsense, while hard-working, talented people struggle to make a living is being "jelly", then yes.
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    @jestdotty It sounds like you're moralising about moralising. The thing you're saying about me regarding my standards higher, goes right back at you. Be free, you say. Like you? Who's actually free? Freedom is an illusion. Everybody is accountable to someone and we're all limited by our physical needs, confined in our bodies that will eventually die. Perhaps then our souls will be set free.
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    @phibbs You're lucky she wasn't a real FX trader.
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    Piss off you fucking spammer!
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    You need to tell yourself you're somebody. Everybody else is taking care of their own shit, bruh.
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