Since I discovered devRant, looks like I stopped using instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I love this community so much!!
It even has functions facebook and instagram doesn’t have!

Thank you @dfox and all the others! Hope it continues like this!

Thanks devrant!

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    @J-2FA true!!!
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    It is so much better!!! Used Facebook and all that stuff on a daily basis for a long time ... But i do not have to explain why these one are nearly entirely bullshit.

    I do not think that I can emagine how much Work and time our dev's off DevRant put into this project.
    I really appreciate the community! This is a community worth its name!

    Happy Ranting :-)
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    I can say something similar: since I use devRant (well... and before...) I don't use Facebook or instagram at all!
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    mas @trogus, we all love you! ❤
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    I agree with all previous comments! I have one request, ahem @dfox @trogus, it would be nice to have groups for tv shows or langs. That is the one thing I miss about Facebook
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