I thought my code wasn't great until I saw this project marked for decommissioning by end of 2024.

Holy shit.

These people basically wrote their own JS full stack framework because they don't like frameworks.

In one of the files, there are over 150 console logs.

I also found two database names. I wonder if I keep digging, I might find a full database query string with login credentials in plain text.

I have to provide support if needed because they're firing the contractor. Wise Decision, methinks.

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    The bar for professional dev work is very low. Now how do we get the basement hobbyists to believe us?
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    I am reading this rant about fourth time and I think to myself what an irony.

    We don't like frameworks, let's make our framework.

    I saw so much mess written in a frameworks that force some things so you don't fuck up, but its fucked up anyway by it-just-works™ people.

    Can't even imagine in what state this project is.

    Whoever is working on it, just be patient, drink some coffee with mushrooms and a lot of good luck!
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    @devJs Yeah hopefully I won't have to work on this at all. So, the backend runs on ColdFusion and not JS like I thought. I couldn't find a single reference to a CSS file in the source code, looks like there's some JS file that generates classes and HTML elements on the fly based on some config files elsewhere.

    The entire architecture is incredibly weird.
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    @dissolvedgirl well cold fusion is name I didn't hear for a very very very long time!

    God bless anyone working on this POS wit a lot of patience! And coffee!
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    @devJs Thanks :D

    The senior engineer working on it (and the architect of the system) said Cold Fusion is so much like PHP, I should pick it up quickly. Looks more like XML to me lmao.

    Don't know why they didn't just go with an open source web framework like Laravel (PHP) or Django (Python) for the backend, would've cost them less in the long run, plus a bunch of other benefits.
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    @dissolvedgirl that's like using flash nowadays instead of canvas or webgl, doesn't make sense!

    Yeah learn POS tech that you will never use in your life again! How about NO!
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    In my experience, the ex basement dwellers/nerds are the ones who are good devs.

    The ones who aren't are those people jumping to tech only for money/clout without passion.
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