Ok so some of you have probably seen my previous rants about my computer science teacher and our project but I'm just going to summarize all of them and share with you more of my pain.

1. He edits in the production environment. Its a laravel project and he is creating test database migrations IN THE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT AND SWITCHING BACK AND FORTH FROM MASTER AND DEV.

2. He edits in vim and doesn't follow codestyle even though I printed him off a piece of paper and emailed it to him.

3. He doesn't have any ethic when it comes to more complex things like laravel homestead.

4. He doesnt want me to release features even though he takes really long to do them.

While I love vim and it is my editor of choice, some things should be done in an ide. This is really annoying me and I'm really just considering handing him the project if he can't follow basic outline.

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