This guy told me that I was unprofessional because I called him reckless.
He thought that reckless is unprofessional word?!

Are you fucking kidding me?! 🤬

I was just pointing out his recklessness of wanting to delete files in our shared platform without permission from the owners.
These files may be important and he only gave us 1h to back it up. He's the one being unprofessional.🤪

Anyhow, this is not the first time I have had a fight with him, and certainly won't be the last.

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    You called him the R- word?!!! That's just inappropriate! >:c
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    Should have said retarded instead.
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    in my experience if someone calls you unprofessional they're just reacting defensively

    I could never understand what that meant, and I've literally asked such people and they got annoyed that I took their comment seriously -- then I'm suddenly mocked and degraded for asking too many questions
    chances are their behaviour was called unprofessional before so that's just their knee jerk "no u" reaction

    I wouldn't buy it
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    Let me guess: gen Z?
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    Just answer "lol" and move on?
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    Oh dear... Well, I'm just that kind of person who can bottle these stupid things with various expiration dates, but this incident right here would raise everything up to eleven. I would snap, call my direct lead and if it doesn't go any fast I would call the lead of lead. Sometimes, bullshit needs to be called out.
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    My response: "Oh sorry, I've got a thesaurus here: ah yes, how about 'idiot', 'dolt', 'careless'. Which one do you prefer?"
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