I've been told to embrace mediocrity. Perhaps, that's the way?

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    Fuck. that.
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    Compared to your previous idea of taking over the world and killing everyone, it's certainly easier and will probably get you into less trouble.
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    Bold of you to think that you can even be mediocre. you stupid shithead.
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    @SidTheITGuy You might be right
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    moving to Europe?
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    I once knew a woman named Mediocrity,

    She made my dick burn when I pee.

    What ever you do in life I hope that you see,

    Do not in fact embrace Mediocrity.
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    @Demolishun I think I ran into her, though that wasn’t her name.
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    buddy, if you're viewing yourself as "mediocre", you're still upselling like hell.
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    @donkulator yea the judgment if to embrace mediocrity is good advice comes from where one’s standards of excellence are
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