“Hey what’s this issue? Can you tell me what’s going on?”
“Yeah sure, what is it?”
[login page alert displaying “your email or password is incorrect, please try again.”]

How do people like this live? How do they not forget how to breathe or eat?

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    They are cavepeople who found a Time Machine
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    Me: so put the right details in.
    User: but which one is wrong?
    Me 🖕🏻
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    @C0D4 it blows my mind they know how to use a computer
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    In Germany we say: Zu dumm zum Scheissen!
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    I need to seriously know if this was an elderly 90 yr old, an immigrant from a country that is lacking in tech or someone with severe mental difficulties bc I can totally understand if either is true.
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    They would forget if there was an error message "please breath in and out 15 times/min and eat 2-3 full meals daily"
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    @TeachMeCode A 50 year old woman from a developed country.
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    My personal favourite:

    "The tool's erroring out".

    "Is there an error message?"

    "Yes, it says 'this object has not been downloaded, click the button below to download it.'"

    "What happens when you click the download button?"

    "It works! I knew you'd be able to fix it."
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    This is why they made pins for logging into windows. It is prob the same as their debit card.
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    It is your mistake you didn't shutdown their machine after invalid login attempt
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