Android Developers can relate...

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    Or 16 GB... almost the same problem
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    @JS96 precisely. Taken freaking forever to even load it up.
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    Exactly ! 👍
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    It runs relatively smoothly on my Linux 16GB laptop.

    When I had Windows 10 installed on it it ran slow as shit.

    I think Android Studio was developed on Linux machines
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    It's not just Android Studio. It's almost all fucking applications now. At work I have 3 projects open in IntelliJ at once + 2 projects in Webstorm + 10+ tabs in my browser. I have 16GB RAM at my machine, and I usually end up using 2-3 GB of swap
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    I don't find the image very fitting. Running AndroidStudio on a machine with 2GB of RAM is more like trying to feed a big ugly troll with a single cookie.
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    @TheSilent yeah, in that picture it's most likely that Android Studio would be the car — and before too much Windows/Linux hate, I think Linux would be a house in the background or something; totally stable, does what it should, and completely irrelevant to this discussion :)
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    Sadly I can't. Who the hell runs Android Studio in 2018 on 2gb machine?
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