A kid in highschool asked what are the similarities between Java and Javascript. I told him:

"Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet."

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    You have carpets in a car actually.
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    i always thought that was an extent. i mean, they're both programming languages, right? why not java is to javascript as what truck is to motorcycle? java and javascript are way similar than a car and carpet is what im trying to make, the "car" in car and carpet doesn't really matter that much. i prioritize meaning over linguistics.
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    @Linux beat me to it.

    But i guess if you use java to serve a website(just don't) javascript would be in java
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    But can you drive a carpet?
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    @Michelle aladdin can drive a carpet xD
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    Damn it, that's what I thought of when I posted the comment, but I didn't realize anyone would say lol.
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    @PerfectAsshole ummmm..... *ticks 'Hidden' option on project folder*
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