You ever just get pissed at everything?

I find myself wanting to pick a fight about everything today. Little stupid things just setting me off. Just rage...

My head also a feels a bit fuzzy. Also tinnitus is fucking loud today.

Fuck off world!

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    Yep, I am pretty easily offended lately.

    Turns out it's a sign of burnout...

    Gotta lessen my workload somehow otherwise I won't survive

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    We all should upvote this post so it gets 700 updoots and he can claim a stressbal
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    About half the days.

    Like @cho-uc said, it’s a sign of burnout, and of stress in general.
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    Fuck off world should be the new getting started of every programming language
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    I felt all day brain fog from the heat dome. It’s probably why you’re getting those symptoms @Demolishun
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    well I was gonna say low blood sugar / hungry causes "hangry"

    but then you mentioned fuzzy and tinnitus and that sounds like my brain inflammation from the vaccine...

    *eats chia seeds for the omega 3 and hopes won't die of irony poisoning*
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    @TeachMeCode yeah I've felt worse due to the heat. I did hear some injured people had their symptoms get worse in heat so made me think it was the heat

    body should adjust though

    I took a very long walk (sticking to the shade) and that actually helped, cuz your body makes coq10 in muscles and it's a strong anti oxidant... and also your body just knows how to dampen inflammation if you're exercising

    *drinks like 4 liters of water and sweats out 2*
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    @jestdotty you can acclimate if you suffer through and keep chugging that water
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    @TeachMeCode but it has been cold all day. Top temp was like 64 or something. It was 80 on weekend.
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    @Demolishun so potatoland didn’t get covered by the heat dome?
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    @TeachMeCode "heat dome"? It is June, it is time to be hot. Just like every year before.
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    Fight me. Come on, bring it.
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    I'm not sure it's better on the other end. Where there's no anger, but only darkness. And tinnitus!
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    Yes. When I don’t work out for a bit this can happen. Or if I don’t get enough sleep or eat on time.
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    Ugh... I've been there.

    Terrible job, soul-sucking projects, and personal problems to boot.

    For me, the fix was to finally change my job, which coincided with moving to another city.

    We'll see how long this lasts, though.
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