Jep, that's one way to handle this...

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    I’ve seen this on twitter today..
    But I’m still wondering how on earth something like that can happen?
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    @g-m-f or maybe it got devran over 😏😏
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    Sorry about that. I told my younger brother to watch where he was sitting, but he never listens.
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    @Michelle It really seams like that.. MacBook crushed between sofa and ass. Ouch.
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    It isn't over yet, your laptop maybe a mess now, your hard disk is flat as board but vim is still running, you can't stop it that easily.
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    Thought an extinction level event was involved in quitting vim...

    Glad there's another way!!
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    Oh really? There’s no escape!

    Try fixing it and it probably boots up to Vim again lol
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    What a blessing the man can now stop torturing himself and get a proper computer (if ur even thinking about @-ing me and defending apple dont even try)
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    Look almost like Samsung Galaxy X
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