Did you know that you could only add 23 smileys to a message in Slack? 🤔 Well now you know! 😁

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    :( they lowered it, a year ago it was 32
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    @Codex404 Strange 😅 Why should they lower it? And why should they restrict it in the first place? 🤔
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    @PuzzlesDev there is a limit because otherwise you can add everything to it which woulf be annoying.
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    @Codex404 Well, it can get a little bit crazy with this limitation too 😜
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    we' ve been there the other day when my company finally decided to upgrade to the paid version. things got just a liiiittle bit crazy.
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    This is definitely new. I remember sending a looooot of party parrots. Enough to fill the screen. 😂
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