Congratulate me! My facebook account turned 15 years, and to celebrate it I've requested for it to be deleted 🎉🎊
Next stop: instagram

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    accounts are so lame
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    I think it's not fully possible to delete. Only deactivate. I did it once and then a friend contacted me "you disabled your fb?". I was like, how tf do you know. There's some service that checks if someone unfriended you. Sad
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    you have to REQUEST lmao

    you're not in control and never were

    next stop: 500 words essay on why capitalism is great is required to deactivate (not delete) your account

    congrats brother, keep it up! social media is evil
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    I got mine deleted because I spoke about the palestinian conflict saying that when one side makes 30 times more casualty than the other, it's not a war, it's a massacre.
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    @mostr4am on Facebook you can't say bad words, how you dare to say things like war and massacre? You can only talk about flowers and butterflies 🌈
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    @cafecortado yea my life was suddenly very peaceful. They do capitalize on anger.
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    @mostr4am you probably said it about the side they didn't prefer
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