Some interesting keyboard shortcuts that are lesser-known but can be quite useful:

1.Windows Key + . (Period): In Windows 10 and later versions, this shortcut opens the emoji panel, allowing you to quickly insert emojis into your text.

2.Ctrl + Shift + T: This shortcut reopens the last closed tab in most web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). It's handy if you accidentally close a tab and want to retrieve it quickly.

3.Ctrl + Backtick (`): In some text editors and IDEs (like Visual Studio Code), this shortcut toggles the integrated terminal window, allowing you to quickly switch between editing and running commands.

4.Ctrl + Shift + Esc: This directly opens the Task Manager in Windows, skipping the intermediary step of opening Ctrl + Alt + Delete and selecting Task Manager.

5.Alt + Drag: In many graphics and design applications (like Photoshop), holding down the Alt key while dragging an object duplicates it. This can save time compared to copying and pasting.

6.Ctrl + Alt + D: This shortcut shows the desktop on Windows, minimizing all open windows to quickly access icons and shortcuts on your desktop.

7.Ctrl + Shift + N: In most web browsers, this shortcut opens a new incognito or private browsing window, useful for browsing without saving history or cookies.

8.Alt + Enter: In Excel, this shortcut opens the Format Cells dialog box for the selected cell or range, allowing quick formatting changes without navigating through menus.

9.Shift + F10: This shortcut performs a right-click action on the selected item or text, useful when you can't or don't want to use the mouse.

10.Ctrl + Shift + V: In many applications, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Word, this shortcut pastes text without formatting (paste as plain text). It's useful when copying text from websites or other documents.

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