Microsoft installed an update that I didn't want and now my computer is unable to boot into Windows. It either constantly reboots before the windows logo or sits at attempting repairs forever.

Why is modern computing such a dumpster fire?

Apple is wall to wall garbage in every capacity.

Windows is the most expensive ad delivery platform you can buy, while also trying to be Apple.

Linux doesn't work unless your computer is years old.

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    I don't know how anyone can tolerate Windows without running Pro and controlling updates through policy.
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    Ubuntu always works on newest xps, 4k with touchscreen.

    I work on a x270 of ten years old at the moment. Blazing fast with xubuntu
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    @Demolishun Oh I have updates disabled until I want them because of this garbage. But I was feeling charitable and decided to update and this is what I get.
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    @retoor Does Ubuntu still have spyware and/or adware?
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    @cuddlyogre I have no idea. I use xubuntu and it doesn't
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    would love to use ubuntu again if my job allowed...
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    Not one of the recovery options worked. Uninstalling the bad update didn't work because I had pending updates. Reinstalling Windows locally didn't work for an unspecified reason. It wouldn't connect to wireless for no reason at all so I couldn't reinstall it from the internet. Reinstalling it without wiping the whole drive wouldn't work for some reason.

    The only thing that so far appears to work is installing to an empty section of my hard drive so I don't lose years of work and settings.

    What an absolute garbage operating system.

    I understand why people just quit the industry all together and go do something else.
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    And just now I discovered that 64gb isn't enough to install Windows causing the install to fail, wasting even more of my time.
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    What do you mean by "modern computing" Windows 11 is still built on top of Windows NT from 1993 full of incremental tweaks and changes... Linux works perfectly fine on modern hardware, but ultimately it has the same problem...

    Nothing about today's computing is truly modern computing. We're all using gamebryo engine level operating systems, patching new hardware support into them.

    Don't forget that the main file structure that windows prefers is still NTFS, literally a file system from 93'... at least linux runs on EXT3 which is *only* 23 years old now

    Technically speaking the most modern operating system to this day is probably TempleOS with it's release date of 2005... After that not a lot of low level OSs were created that made it all the way to windows management...

    It's all legacy :(
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    clearly we need TempleOS
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    @Hazarth >Linux works perfectly fine on modern hardware

    Except when you build a PC with a 13th gen Intel and the wifi and audio doesn't work and it requires a blood sacrifice to get your graphics drivers to install.

    Ask me how I know.
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    @cuddlyogre that was my experience when I started dual booting windows and linux. My hardware was too new and I just didn't feel like putting in the work to fix it. Up until last week I still had the grub boot loader in there too.

    I come to realize that unless I have a specific use case need then I will just use whatever works best for the application. My home server is Linux for serving up games and what not. Because Mac 'n Windows suck at that.

    I feel like grouping Macs and Windows machines as Mac 'n Windows feels appropriate.
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    @Demolishun I wish Macs weren't designed by aliens because they are exactly what I need. But, alas, I'm not from the Zeta Reticuli star system and my measly 10 fingers and two eyes and primitive human brain can't operate them without going crazy.
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    @jestdotty a project like templeOS minus the religion stuff: https://gitlab.com/nakst/essence

    Programming for it is easy, they copied c++. There's a tsoding episode about it. Afaik it doesn't have internet but it does have an irc client smh. It looks nice as well. Sadly, not very active development. Without a wrapper for Linux drivers it'll probably never be a real OS
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    What is the possibility that there really is nothing better than what we have now? Everything has been tweaked to be "better" over the years.
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    @Demolishun The tremendous investment of manpower and money means it's unlikely an OS from scratch is unlikely, same with new web browsers.

    Honestly, I'd happily go back to Windows 2000 or XP level if it meant things would work like they're supposed to.
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    crypto OS wehn

    I'd ask what all goes into an OS but tbh I wouldn't have the patience to hear the answer

    my curiousity is the bane of me

    (sort of wrote an OS before even BUT I SHOULD NOT. FOCUS, FOCUS!)

    isn't it just interfaces for the hardware?
    and I guess little windows or whatever
    and then regular subsystems we all invented... audio APIs, keyboard stuff, regular libraries like networking algos, regular shortcuts like brightness and whatever

    I mean this is sounding like Linux real fast
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    Linux dumpster fires:

    Sleep. Has something to do with new power modes that Microsoft pushed for to be able to activate a sleeping laptop and run updates...

    Also is connected to NVME and not provided drivers and/or documentation.

    4k displays, UHD displays, again, bad support from display and graphic card manufactorers.

    The result:

    Fiddle and you get the screens working on the right scaling. Do not touch again.

    Hibernation is now difficult. Rather turn your computer off.

    If that's a no go, linux is a dumpster fire. But if you can live with that, I linux is perfectly fine.
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    It's true that I never lived on *the edge* so usually when I get a laptop or a computer linux just works. I rarely get hardware that's never than a couple of years (because why, it's overpriced at that point anyway) So your experience is a valid complaint if it affects you. It's been a surprisingly stable experience for me for years now.
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    @TrayKnots so if I lock my screen the Gnome window manager will lose track of processes that are running on the task bar (like Firefox). So if Firefox is minimized I cannot again maximize it as the task bar doesn't know it is running. So I have to kill Firefox and restart to use it again. This is default Ubuntu that we use at work. We need this version as this is what work wants. It is shit like that I see in Linux installations all the time.
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