My parents recently got divorced and sold their house, so I had to go through all my old stuff and found this beauty! A pair of new bateries and it still work! Fuck Yeah!

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    > Parents divorce
    oh okay
    > Finding a gameboy and it's working
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    @filthyranter you got to see the good things in live :P
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    @Alice I want to see pictures 😱
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    When your glass is not just half full but overflowing instead...
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    How was your save file? Or did you have the misfortune of loading to “The Internal Battery Has Run Dry”?
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    @Alice @theNox me too :D at the age of 6 my mom's brought me the game from Spain, which makes no sense because the game was Englisch :D (i am not an englisch native speaker).

    So I played it anyway and this was literally how I started learning englisch :D

    Till today the Pokemon names sounds weird to me in my native language :D

    If I would be home, I could provide pictures :)
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    I still have a level 100 Alakazam lying around somewhere. Raised him from my very first Abra catch in Pokémon Blue for the first Game Boy. Later I traded him with my Yellow and Gold versions to level him even faster!
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    @Wack btw ... Had the same divorce path to go ... Sorry bout that :/
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    @eeee omg ... Now that you say trade ... I remember the time where we ran around with these fancy link-cables to trade stuff and monsters 😂😂😂
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    @Alice oh sorry ... I misunderstood that. Sorry. One of my friends had this edition, so I know it.
    I thought about the Pokemon Yellow edition (the game)
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    @scytheri0n had to replace the batery. Everything lost...
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    @Rohr me and my brother had a link cable. He lost interest in it pretty fast and I asked if I could use his gameboy and the link cable. Got a full pokedex back then. Yeah good times.
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    This photo brings back a lot of good memories. I had the same combo. Couldn’t get enough of the game. One day one of my friends hooked me up with his GameShark and I was able to catch Mew. It was awesome :)

    Sorry about the divorce.
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