My story :P, anyone else?

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    Not quite, I just had no friends and bought my first PC when i was 15.
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    Also I got my specs after getting my computer...
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    @SAM41 same here dude, du bist nicht alleine ^^
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    Lost friends. Before that I used to walk kilometers just for fun. Now I hardly go out and have to be limiting my food intake to not gain a huge amount of weight. Depression helps with that :P

    Did I mention I'm a pathological sweet-tooth? I literally have risks of Type 2 Diabetes if I go on eating sweet things. I guess it's true that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. I try to circumvent that by drinking tea, coffee(and basically any drink that doesn't have sugar in it), completely sugarless. After some time one gets used to it.

    For the people worrying about privacy... You should be more concerned about what you're eating. Food is something people cannot live without and the industry is VERY shady.
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    MiNe was more a result of college.
    Like until 2 years ago, I used to do a lot of jogging, swimming, workout outside and going to the gym. Yes, I was doing that, when I even had my computers and so on.
    Then I began to attend an IT college. Since then I'm just getting more and more fat with everyday lmao
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    + I became more of an introvert.
    It has its negative and good aspects.
    I'm more calm and can work on my inner self. But seeing others hanging out with friends on parties, in big cities, in other countries, in the nature, [...], makes me wanna become more open to people.
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