Suggest me some good team name for a Hackathon,

Should not be too edgy as I want to show it to my College HOD : P

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    1337 h4x0r5
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    Wisconsin Wifebeaters
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    'DELETE FROM Employee
    WHERE Emp_name="HOD_name"
    Next lvl sql injection 😂
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    Drop table marks_details;
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    Hacky McHackface
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    Penis Penis Penis
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    Hackathon team
    Generic hackathon team name (GHTN)
    We will crush you in this hackathon (WWCY)
    HSB (hackatoms suck balls)
    WYSIWYG (why you shit in will's young girl)
    WYSIWYG ( would you shut it, would you game?)

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    Might be a bit cheesy but what about "The Python Pals" or just "Python Pals" or if it's PHP or Perl then just swap Python out with that. Good luck :-)
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