I'm in several FB groups for selling/buying IT material, and from time to time I see someone trying to scam other people by selling those "GAMING PC L33TL4z0rz" with 4GB RAM and an GeForce 700GT GPU, attaching some LED action photos and League of Legends / CS:GO prints.

One of the most recent posts, was a guy who was trying to sell his (really old) macBook.
He said it was great for gaming, had an i5 CPU and 4GB of RAM.

Upon leaving my comment on the pieace of shit he was selling and that 4GB was barely enough to run Chrome, I got a shitload of replies saying that 4GB on a mac are not the same as 4GB on windows... So I immediately forgot everything I knew about computers and just left most (if not all) sales groups because I felt that a tumor of sorts started growing in me, a tumor of rage and awe in human stupidity.

Slowly, I started feeling superior to other people, and would immediately regard them as idiot simpletons. And I don't want to be THAT guy, who rolls his eyes every time someone asks a stupid question...

Now, if any of you could please inform me... What is the RAM conversion rate between a windows and a mac ?

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    I believe you can get 3 Windows bytes for every 2 Mac bytes. Linux bytes vary considerably based on their origin distro.
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    Honestly tho, 4gigs on mac is not as bad as on windows
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    @BindView yes, but 4GB on a mac are 4GB on a PC... We're not talking about performance, we're talking about hardware
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    @Wozza365 not sure if sarcasm...
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    There's a bit of a pump and dump going on in the Windows RAM market. The valuation will crash at some point. I'd cash out ASAP.
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