Project Cortana: Day 56

*What I liked*

Here is the rant where I described the project: https://devrant.io/rants/962190

Time for a review. The biggest advantage I have found was the productivity. Let me explain:

1. Cortana: It's useful as fuck if anyone is willing to use it all the time. It really helps to get reminders and notifications everywhere (PC, Laptop and Mobile).

2. Microsoft Launcher: An underrated gem due to the hate towards M$. Thanks to it's transparent theme, it looks absolutely gorgeous. The most useful part is the "Feed" where you get all your emails, recently edited documents, recently used apps or contacts all together. I was quite surprised to see the level of customization if offered considering it's M$.

3. M$ Office: I probably don't need to talk much about it, it's the most productive tool you can get. Outlook is fucking brilliant on mobile. Other office apps, while they are great on mobile, are probably more useful in tablets. And the "Focused Inbox" is the best thing happened to outlook.

4. M$ To-Do: Holy fuck, this is sick. I know that there is many alternative with more features. But this app is the perfect example of a todo app. Simple, has the exact right features and has a really smooth, beautiful UI. This really helped me to be productive.

5. OneDrive: Didn't find much difference compared to Google Drive.

6. People: Something that I discovered later and found it really useful. You can pin contacts in the taskbar and see emails, calender items associated with that contact in one click. Found it really useful considering I was chatting with my Supervisor and lectures quite frequently.

7. Windows Mail App: While I really like it, I have mixed feeling about it. I would really love to have HTML signature. Not sure why M$ is not implementing it. But the "Share" in the Context Menu is really useful while sending attachements.

Finally, the "Fluid Design" so far is beautiful. Loving the effects.

I will write what I didn't like in the next rant.

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    Haven't read the entire rant yet.

    But when I read CORTANA,
    The immediate thought was...

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    @github i used to use cortana back when i had a winphone, was lightyears better than siri or ok google
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    @github I think one misconception with Cortana is it's just a regular assisstant like Siri or GNow. It helps you to sync a notifications and messages from your mobile to desktop. You can reply to WhatsApp or regular text messages.

    Yes I know there are those fuckbullet and Airbloat which has become completely shite over the last few days. I swear Cortana with all the features feels lighter that those shits.
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    Yeah, fucking Microsoft is fucking good. No hatred. It's fucking good!
    I fucking love it!
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    @tahnik May be I am not accustomed with any of the voice assistants yet.
    Being a non native English speaker, it's precision gets very low and often unreliable.
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    @github I am not native english speaker either. But all the voice assisstant has improved a lot over time.

    *cough* mass data collection *cough*
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    *cough* mass voice data collection *cough*

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    I see we have similar tastes In Microsoft πŸ˜‚
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    The pinning contacts to the taskbar is a new feature of Falls Creators Update
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    Awesome project πŸ™‚

    I've not used Microsoft todo but I guess I'll give it a try πŸ™‚ I've used the Microsoft launcher todo listo and didn't think they synced together?

    I really hoped that there was more integrations with the people app, I only found I can sync Skype and emails which isn't hugely useful since I don't use either to talk to friends... πŸ˜›

    I also agree with your mixed conceptions of the mail app, it's nice and simple compared to outlook but it can be just a bit too simple sometimes πŸ˜›

    There's definitely a lot of misdirected hate for Microsoft...
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    My word, MS Todo looks good. Unfortunately doesn't sync with the launcher or Cortana though right? 🀨
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    Onedrive has placeholders gdrive no, onedrive can automatically grouo and search pictures by location, people and type (eg: cats, people, cars, panorama...). You can play mp3 in music folders from groove in streaming

    P. S.
    This was some time ago, i don't know if gdrive added some feature like these
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    I'm going to have to start following this project.
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    Onedrive (online version) uses .docx and .xmlx which is fucking usefull when collaborating with others (non devs) that sync it to their desktop and want it to just work with their office apps.
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    @dontbeevil you can do that with GPhotos as well. I am planning not to move from GPhoto yet as my family uses it.
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    @tahnik it's ok if it works for you.

    As @Wack suggested i forgot about office online with proper file format compatibility, one more plus for one drive compared to gdocs
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