2017 Recap + DEVBANNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1. So, let's recap my 2017 first. It was awesome
Here is some list that I can remember
- finding my hobby (fsx, vatsim)
- finding computers aren't genius
- creating a new language
- major improvements in my unity skills
- found out i am friendly
- getting a job at google in a dream
- creating my banner in krita --> devbanner collab :D
- Logo creation fail
- CS class apply fail
- getting free stickers for the first time of my life
- getting death threats (lol)
- finishing my first ever big c# project
- got offensive words from a bot that i am a f***ing d***head.
- getting downvotes after creating such a shitty meme
- getting my rant featured in twitter
- finding that my friends love my game
- getting a sneak peak at the src of devrant
- coding with turbo c
- not using git cuz too lazy
- finds out msdn is god
- slowly hating unity, but likes it cuz it is using c#
- reaching level 2 in google foobar
- started 100+ projects this year and finished about 6 of them.
- devRant motivated me a lot

2. devBanner stuffs
So, how it all started is when I wanted to create my own logo. Some people will remember it. The one with arrows and cozyplales written on it. Then, I created my own banner with Krita (their text tool sucked). After that, due to some suggestions by the community, I decided to create a collab. From then, many people contributed to the devBanner project. Special thanks to @Kimmax for his awesome prototype of the frontend made during I was sleeping.

Now, before I talk more, I want to talk something. I don't post a rant about my collab cuz i want to get upvotes. I just want more people to use this simple creation software. You can literally use them anywhere, and it is FOSS.

If you want to create again, you can do so at https://devbanner.center

If you want to contribute, please do so by visiting https://github.com/devBanner

We are looking for a skilled frontend dev who can do the basic web stuffs. (we don't use frameworks currently for our frontend)


Thanks everyone for making 2017 awesome. Can't wait to welcome 2018. Happy new year everyone, and I will drop my banner here.

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    devBanner indeed turned out quite successful.
    Remember, how we started the discussion when you posted first banner using Krita. And then created a Collab after discussing in the rant.

    Also, @kimmax did an awesome 3hours marathon to finish with promising stable POC.

    It was great to be part of it evolving from a comment to Collab to a product.

    Currently, I am trying my best to avoid frontend stuffs (never liked it, though I worked a lot on it).
    If there comes any machine learning stuffs (though I am pretty it's not needed), ping me.
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    @github Machine learning in dotnet core. No thanks. Lol
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    @CozyPlanes haha. Well, not necessarily .NET core (specifically not at all in it)
    I can use python or any other language and expose rest APIs.
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    @github @CozyPlanes Here to serve o7
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    And I remembered more
    - Got my second laptop, thx dad
    - Loved (yes loved, lol) my classmates this year. They rock!
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    YES A FELLOW FLIGBTSIMMER!!!!!!!!!!! MY CID 1336117
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    @RAZERZ What's CID? You play FSX?
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    @CozyPlanes I used to, switched to p3d. CID is your VATSIM ID ;) Ah man, I thought I was the only one here! What addon planes have you mastered yet? :p
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    I am going to take my devbanner fork and make a super lightweight / barely any css and js version. Just for fun.
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    @Dacexi huh... Oh. He probably got that while trying to pull stuff to his api.
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    @ewpratten ah, well, I have *some* experience of working with the API ;)

    (I know all the endpoints and what parameters they require please help)
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    @RAZERZ Ahhh! When have you switched?
    I am not even good at it.
    I did like twice, never had the time since then. And my parents just doesn't like me doing flight sims. Cuz i am a dev... Lol

    > Orbit Airlines 526, cleared for takeoff
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    @CozyPlanes do you mind checking out my new collab? I would like to know your thoughts on the idea.
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    @CozyPlanes Oh well, I have mastered the A320&21, and the 737NG (both "confirmed" by virtual tests by real captains for respective aircraft). There is the FsLabs A320 for the indepth A320 addon and the pmdg 737 for the indepth 737. Check 'em out ;) I'm currently trying to master the systems of the A330 and A340, not that far away from the other airbus models but still enought to make a difference. Ever been controlled by atc on vatsim before?
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    @RAZERZ Are those add-ons free?
    I ain't no money to spend in games, parents ain't likin' it.

    I'd love to do some ATC, but first
    1. I have to take the test
    2. I still can't master the phonetic language.
    I recently knew E was Echo, not Easter.
    3. Ain't got the time for it.
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    Only C# unfortunately.......

    See this
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    @CozyPlanes since these add-ons are a copy of the real thing, they're quite expensive... Anyways, I fly frequently (soon over 1000 hours!) In them and you can pirate them if you really don't want to pay. Matt Davies is a streamer and YouTuber whom hosts videos of these planes so to speak, check him out ;)
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    @RAZERZ so you mean you fly in vatsim? Fsx? Xplane?
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    @CozyPlanes I fly on vatsim and I've been waiting more than a year to get my atc license. I've been flying for about 2+ years now using first fsx, but after summer I switched to p3d ;)
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