Solution to all of our Git problems

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    A friend of mine is still doing version control by zipping the folders and uploading it into some cloud storage. At a company..
    I offered him a quick introduction to git but he had no time for it until now. Sad thing is that he doesn't know what he is missing out on :/
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    GIT > Subversion.. Any day.
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    @theMaintainer super agreed! Subversion is a goddamn nightmare to work with, git has better tools, documentation, etc. IMO
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    TFVC for the win! 😀

    Now come and slap me. ^^
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    @magicdoe i have to use it for the game i'm working on, but since i never set anything up and just update/commit it seems to do the job just fine.

    What are the real differences? It'd be cool to know for later down the line.
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    What's wrong with Git?
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    I used to this.😯
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