If Apple didn't jack up their prices and offered decent dedicated GPUs they'd actually be fuckin great... the greed is just too damn high with them

P.S. I might have to get a Macbook because of an iOS project, but I really want something that can game at least a bit... at the end of the day it's not my decision, I'll get what they give me

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    @ArchLinux that's what I want actually, but it's not up to me... My mom has a older thinkpad and the quality and keyboard is really good, plus I like the "retro" look
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    Gotta love that lenovo keyboard, appart from the scroll keys which I constantly hit by accident. I hate my thinkpad's trachpad though. In Obi's words: "so uncivilized"

    If you want to game, you could try using an eGPU, and pray you get a decent enough CPU not to bottleneck the shit out of it
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    @CptFox can't understand why other companies like lenovo can't get the trackpad right. Would've thought they had it down by now.
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