Sit down, Alexa. Sit. Down.

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    At least she still seems to obey commands... Or maybe she just turned off the lights and still continued on what she was doing before. 😂🙈
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    She probably heard a keyword from the CIA list 😂
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    And this is how Skynet started.
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    I thought the below tweet was funny. Not anymore.
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    Is this some kind of alexa joke? or actual thing? I kinda don't get it. 🤔
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    @irene think this joke is too pure to make my lewd soul laugh 🤔
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    She should have tried saying, "Bitch, be humble".
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    That happened to me with Alexa... same exact thing 🙄
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    i am naiively hopeful it was just her "human-friendly" way to say "updating my firmware"
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