Boy: I want to draw a door for my house drawing...
Teacher: Google it..
Boy: I found it. house-door.jpg. It seems popular. A lot of stars.
Teacher: download it, cut and paste to your paper.
Boy:Can I draw it myself?
Teacher: yes.. but this is easier, isn't it? Don't reinvent the wheel.
Boy: but, this door does not match with my french window.
Teacher: oh, integrate french windows with door? Try to search house-door-french-window.jpg. maybe someone already did something like that?

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    Is there a subject called as "Google search"? 😂
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    Seems good to me. People need to stop producing the same thing over and over again.
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    @Pavr Yet, optimization for your particular case is always good. :D
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    Def should be searching on pexels 😂
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    Sure if you feel like you can do it better, by all means do it.
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    I'm surprised how many people can't use Google... In the past people went to libraries. Like physical libraries! How amazing and much harder is that?!
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    @Alice it's not a copyright violation because it is for educational use.
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    @Pavr I disagree.

    Almost all existing implementations for all conceivable problems are flawed in some way.

    Evolution has proved for millions of years that reiterations with small adjustments is a great way to optimize for specific use cases. Repeatedly reusing from the same pool is called inbreeding.

    "Don't reinvent the wheel" is a dangerous platitude. Please go build a new ORM (all existing ones suck), create a new blogging system, even write your own encryption!

    Reinventing the wheel increases your understanding of subjects.

    Of course you shouldn't use your home-built oval glass wheel in production right away... But now that you are a wheel builder, at least you have a basis for comparison, and can judge that industry standard wheel with the eyes of an expert.
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    Why is it whatever I want, no one else has done before !
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    > Is there a subject called as
    > "Google search"? 😂

    There should also be a subject called Ebay search too. :-)

    And how come google seems the only search tool with decent fuzzy logic for missspellingw..
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