Is there a thing like getting shadowbanned from downvoting on devrant or people just running bots that automatically upvote them if they hit negative upvotes?

Whenever I downvote anything thats at 0 upvotes (for ex. even spam that just didnt get noticed, where I cant report it on desktop), it instantly gets nulled, even on the most hidden and old rants.

I dont think theres always a registered user per every single rant out there at any given time that upvotes somebody. (often very deep down the comments)

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    Depending on the content/specific conditions it doesn’t always get reflected in the score right away (also depends if it has a negative score or not), but unless your downvote banned (which is uncommon), then it will be counted/submits the content for review.
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    @dfox so as said most of the comments are at 0, then I downvote - they appear as -1, I refresh and now they are at 0 again - as if somebody upvoted, because if I now remove my downvote, the comment will have "1" as a score.

    Could you maybe check if I am actually downvote banned? though that wouldn't make much sense why the system would upvote the comment, instead of just ignoring my vote?
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    @JoshBent the ui always shows -1 after you downvote even though it doesn’t subtract 1. You’ll see even if you do repost or not for me it does the same thing.
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    And I can confirm - you are not downvote banned.
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    @dfox if I remove the downvote and refresh, it still says "1" (so somebody or something upvoted it).

    I know that the ui immediately updates it clientside, but the server might not, but then there wouldnt be any vote and it would be at 0 after refreshing, right?
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    I may be doing this wrong, but maybe you are confused
    1. A rant has score of 0
    2. You hate it, downvote, score is -1
    3. You refresh
    4. Something happened and the score gets 0, meaning someone has upvoted, unless your downvote is banned (and you aren't)
    5. You remove your downvote
    6. Score gets 1
    7. You dont think this is correct

    Now if you so common math, here it is

    It was 0
    You downvoted
    It became -1
    Someone upvoted, and became 0
    You removed your -1, which in other words, you undo your -1, which also can be said as -(-1) = +1
    So score becomes 1

    Because you undid your downvote, there wasn't any -1.
    And another person upvoted. So here it is.
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    @CozyPlanes well your first comment was you being confused, as I can do the math and never was confused by that, your github issue sounds more like it.
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    @dfox I am pretty certain by now that -- have no effect on any post, either theres a bug in the "weighing" system that you mentioned or theres actual shadow banning happening.

    No posts that I -- ever turn out to actually impact the post score, nor the users on profile stats, even after checking later.

    Why is there a -- if its not actually doing anything?
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    @JoshBent did you downvote with reason offensive/spam?
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    @dfox a mix of everything, mostly the first option "not for me"
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    @JoshBent that’s expected behavior - unless you vote offensive/spam we purposely don’t penalize the poster in most cases.
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