My friend called me today.
Him : Dude,can you write an app for both android/ios for my uni's orientation night. The app -
1) will only be activated only in the school compound.
2) display all the images with certain hashtag from Instagram.
3) voting option for selecting king/queen of the night.
Oh and the event is in next two weeks. You can just modify the Facebook and the instagram app right?


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    Well if he would pay accordingly (what I doubt), that could be done via cordova/phonegap and an api for the voting, quick and dirty ofcourse. (as theres no time properly setting everything up and checking for edge cases)

    Though pushing an iOS app to the devices would be the most difficult thing to do, without manually installing it across all those devices.

    Alternative would be that each of the students gets a unique id and generated code words via email or smth, that they enter on a tablet on the event and vote, the hashtag images showing, without any gps detection, would be handled by a mobile site people can access via QR code printed and put across the event.

    You could ofc. also make the voting on the mentioned mobile site, which the url is anyway only known on the event itself.

    You can borrow that idea and demand some pay from him, maybe he'll actually bite for the alternative and you get some money out of it.
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    I have only tried Xamarin once. That's it 😅 i just called and told him that it'll be easier to just do a responsive mobile site and explained to him in layman's terms why we simply just can't clone applications. :X great if he would hire me. 💰💰💰
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