Part two of: a day off an iOS developer life:
1. App crashed and stack trace gives no info in which file it happened, I have a generic table view cell that is used in so many places and Xcode just wrote: xcell does not support key value.
2. Mac freezing when Xcode is creating IPA file thanks to a new feature in Xcode 9 (Mac freezing is the new feature, even mouse pointer doesn't move -.-)
3. Let's check the value of this class property, Xcode: fuck off and either print it in console (after hitting a break point) or expand that shitty tree at the bottom to reach your class property!

An advice: never click jump to definition when Xcode is indexing, it will either freezing Xcode or crash it.

Part 1 link: https://devrant.com/rants/1137208/...

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