Client tests the app and provides feedback ... This sucks! Full of bugs, hard to navigate, nothing works!

1 week later after version 2 client provides new feedback: This rocks! Love it. Easy to use and rock solid!

Changes made: background set to light blue.

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    Some clients should be subject of study!
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    sometimes they act like they are on a period.
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    so you changed a background color in a week and called it a new version...? what the damn hell
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    hahaha had the same experience once the dude kept talking shit we didn't change anything serious next he tells us this is the best app ever and that he knew we are able to do it just needed a little push XD
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    Was it an app to display the colour blue?
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    No it was pretty complex app. Evidence tracking etc.

    It was just a sequence of events though that let to the client only getting a pretty small portion of the new version etc.
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    @LiquorFueled Asking the right questions!
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    My last app was not so successful (though I worked practically all summer on it). Now I'm making some changes: in particular, I would like to add a color scheme for color blind users, that's what some of my clients asked for at https://writemyessaytoday.net/ feedback page.
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    I was working on my app https://rapidessay.com/pay-for-rese... for the last two month and had similar issues, but after just a few days I was able to fix it.
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    We were facing issues due to many bugs in our app, but now we are redeveloping it and removing bugs.
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