Every time I see a guy with long untrimmed beard, I automatically assume he is a linux sysadmin. Should I feel bad?

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    Well let's see.
    I run Arch + I3 gaps. currently in college to "become a sys admin" and the beard is definitely growing. 😂
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    Hipster on his way to a barber?
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    He might be a "real UNIX" sysadmin.
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    @misiman, hipsters now wear mini mustache. The Stallman style is decades before the hipsters. Did you checked if they wear sandales and white socks? Would make the stereotype perfect :) But still just a stereotype, non of my Linux Sysadmin colleagues actually fits into it.
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    @rematix yes, because you're probably right 🤣
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    It's safe to presume also presume they have Gentoo installed, use Vi / Emacs and connect to slack using an IRC bridge.
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