When you live long enough to become the villain.

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    I see adblockers and antivirus programs with pop-up ads all the time.
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    If i click the ads will it be blocking the ads or it will lead to another 🤔
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    This made me think of Windows 10.
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    @ewpratten you need two ad-blockers to block each other
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    Ad remover is not that old though
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    For some reason I had to think way too hard about what I was seeing there and what it meant. #AdCeption
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    Most antivirus /adblock /internet security /anything related that shows in that kind of ads is malware.
    Probably you install the ad block and :
    - You will get ad spammed
    - And/or you will get Spyware
    If it says it's a antivirus, usually it's a virus or worm (only people who doesn't know will install it, meaning people who are good targets).

    Basicly bad people take advantage of good people who doesn't know the dangers online...

    How I miss the time where the internet was not malicious... Now everything, anything Is a trap...
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    That's actually not a bad strategy. When you click such ad and install this ad blocker (assuming that it's legit) you won't see ads anymore. So their ads won't be shown to you and they won't pay for it. Double profit. Unless you'll install different ad blocker. Then my theory is useless but you still won't see ads ;)

    PS. I recommend uMatrix. It's the best not just in terms of blocking ads. It'll also block cryptos mining and other spying pieces of shit. Check it out.
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    @beriba good tip on uMatrix
    Edit, really bad tip on uMatrix, it blocked all videos, even youtube as I was watching a documentary of Anonymos
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    @RodrigoF But you can decide what to allow. It blocks everything from another domain by default. So no shit included out of the box. But it also blocks good stuff like jquery and many other. You have to invest some time to configure it when visiting new page but you have the full control
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