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    The classic
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    How to they actually specify system requirements for mac?

    Just a model name/number?
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    What game is that? Also 100% true
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    @AtiLion should be a typo mistake.
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    Yup that's typo, it should be '4mb RAM + 4 gb swipe memory ( but you must use ssd with write/read speed equal to ram)'
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    @ribchinski Macbook graphics aren't powerful enough for most gaming purposes. It's not hate, but when someone says "I'm going to ride my bike to the city and get a new couch from the store" you respond with "maybe you should take the pickup truck instead?"
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    what game though?
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    Linux System Requirements:
    GPU: DirectX compatible card.
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    @bittersweet all 13", but 15" models have quite capable graphics from AMD
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    I've always owned MBPros and can vouch for the fact they stink for any kind modern gaming. Indie titles that are designed after 90s 16-bit era games don't count.
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    Linux be like: "When I grow up, I want to be like zeh ww2 germans: with atmost efficiency"
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    Geforce now is actually pretty solid
    <- only has to worry about internet speeds
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    @FinlayDaG33k @inukinator Plot Twist: GeForce = German Forces :S xD
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